Accessory Dwelling Units?


I am obsessed about adding an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) to the side of my property. I think about either adding cool modern pre-fab, build our own or get a yurt.

Yurt interior

The biggest hurdle (besides cost) is what your city will hold you to in regard to zoning requirements. In my little community of Alpine, they seem to change over the years. I have neighbors that have attached garage apartments that extend over the height requirements. I’ve seen indoor sport courts built 3 feet from the lot line. So, I suggest getting a good engineer or architect to draw up whatever plans you hope to complete and get them signed off by the city prior to going too far.

Rustic Retreat

The cool thing about adding an ADU would be the rental income. The job availability, good schools and low crime rate has added to the popularity of living in the Silicon Slopes of Utah. Builders cannot keep up with the demand. As a result rental rates have been steadily increasing year after year. I calculated that in our area, if I were to rent it out, the ADU would be paid off in just over 2 years. Not bad.

I’ve attached the pdf of the ADU handbook from Salt Lake City planning division.

What type of dwelling would you choose as a renter? Yurt?!

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