Episode 1 – Chad Shellabarger GL Shooting

Chad Shellabarger started his journey in content creation right after graduating from the University of Utah. In the beginning he started working with friends in the vibrant Utah film industry.  He soon developed his own production business around local companies that needed his expertise in filmography and digital content.

Then things got really interesting.

He started his YouTube channel Green Light Shooting from his passion built around gun education and tutorials.

He has was not super successful from the start.  It took hard work and a continued effort at learning and keeping true to his voice.  Now he has built his viewership to over 16 million views and 85 thousand subscribers and now has fans all over the globe.

He has recently jumped into the Podcast space with his authentic personality and great insights to content creation for the new and seasoned creator.

Find out more about Chad through instagram.com/dojobuilt

or his personal account at instagram.com/chadshelldp/


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