The Silicon Slopes of Utah is one of the fastest growing communities in the US.  A community growing this much, needs a voice to keep that small town feel. 

You’ve found it!


Stay up to date with stories and interviews from your neighbors, business owners, teachers and Ne’er-do-wells (I count myself amongst all 4!).  We will focus on the stories of lives and experiences from real people in and around the community.

Hi!  I’m Andrew.


I married a local Alpine girl after we met working in California as real estate appraisers.  After a year of heading back to Alpine for visits, I quickly fell in love with the protective amphitheater of mountains surrounding the little town.  In 2006 we started out our Utah experience in the nearby town of Herriman.  While we were happy and enjoyed the neighborhood, it was not the feeling I remembered on our visits from California.  With a little luck and opportunity, In 2011 we moved our family and appraisal company (Appraisal Professor)  to Alpine.

Why this Podcast and Blog exist

When we moved here, I wasn’t sure what to expect. In researching the area, I couldn’t find any accounts of what others had experienced beyond the typical travel guide answer.  That is why I decided to provide examples of what its REALLY like living in the Silicon Slopes.


Please subscribe to the podcast, and more than anything, use our content here as a starting point for discussions between you and your family members or share with anyone thinking of moving to the Silicon Slopes!