008-Scott Sherman Live Your Way Financial Coach

Scott Sherman is a new friend of mine. We met in a Financial Independence group here in the Silicon Slopes. Financial Independence Retire Early (FIRE) is a growing movement. We both found the Choose FI podcast that started early 2018 and grew to thousands of followers in just a few short months. Soon, the FIRE spread to local Choose FI groups on Facebook. He had been a group leader for the Utah Mustachians based on the Mr. Money Mustache blog and I was an admin for the local Choose FI group. Come check us out by the way. We get together once a month along the Wasatch front and discuss financial education and have a laugh or two.

Scott Sherman

Community can be built in many ways in this tech driven world. The key is to take the ease of building community online to real life relationships.

Scott can be found at Live Your Way Financial Coaching on all the social platforms. But the best way would be his site.

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